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new fridge, new carlsberg

as i not only lived 4.5 years in denmark, but also worked at Tap1, which is an event venue in the old bottling facility of carlsberg, i kind of have a special connection to the carlsberg beer 🙂 one of my coworkers just bought a new fridge and as he put some beer inside, i just had to stop him to take a picture, as i just had been to tooo many carlsberg events at my venue, including the launch of this kind of new bottle…. so this i a kind of hello to all my danish friends in copenhagen! hope you guys are having a good time!!!

Copenhagen Ink Festival @ TAP1

Here are some impressions from the Copenhagen Ink Festival at TAP1 . Was a great festival, with a lot of different guests, awesome artists and lots of ink..


The Lizzard Man performance at the Copenhagen Ink Festival @ TAP1

This weekend, TAP1 hosted the Copenahgen Ink Festival.. A lot of interessting people, tattoos and other things… Among other shows, the “lizzard man” performed as well… He’s from America, and has basically his entire body tattooed like a lizzard, including sharp teeth and co.


He started his show by hammering stuff into his nose 🙂



After this, it got a “bit” more extreme, when he used a giant cork screwer…



After this, he showed the audience, that you can actually blow a condom up by sticking it waaaay down in your throat and then out of the nose..


It was a freakshow, no doubt about that… But he is a great performer and knows what he’s doing, as he actually teaches philosophy back home in the states, and planned the entire lizzard thing 13 years ago as an art project…. So in an way, he’s just a normal and relaxed guy…



More pictures on Facebook HERE

Robyn Concert @ TAP1

Band of Horses @ TAP1

Band of Horses and two support bands where at TAP1 last week. Nice dudes, good skateboarders (they loved the even surface of the venue before the concert 🙂 ) and good music.

here are some pictures of the evening.


4th and last day of the CPH kids fashion fair

The fair is coming to an end today. 4 awesome days, with lots of pictures, great people and of course outstanding new fashion collections for next season.

Here are some of todays pictures.

CPH kids fashion fair, day 3

Here are some more pictures of the fair yesterday!

Anders Hald doing a photo shooting for Junior Magazine

1st day of the cph kids fashion fair

The fair opened today, with the smell of fresh coffee and croissant, lots of good vibes and fashion… for more info, check and their blog,

More CPH kids fashion fair showmovie pictures

The CPH kids fashion fair is opening tomorrow, so here are some more pictures from the showmovie. Come by tomorrow at TAP1 and check out the fair and the entire show movie.


CPH kids fashion fair – showmovie photoshoot

Next month, Copenhagen’s best childrens fashion fair, CPH KIDS, will open its doors for the third time. Again a showmovie is produced to present some of the brands on the fair.

Here are some pictures of the first day.

More pictures are on the CPH kids blog, HERE