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new sunsets

the current weather presents itself with a lot of clouds… not only a nice relief from the burning sun, but they also bring spectacular sunsets..

cyclone sunsets

As a cyclone is nearby, we get some awesome clouds again! more to come during the next days!

rooftop panorama karratha!

Sunsets are always better from rooftops…..


Karratha Panorama III

Friends told me about a small trail up a hill to overlook Karratha, where I am currently living. The town is kind of stretched around the hill, so it gives a pretty good overview over it. it took me 15 images and a total stitched image length of 23.143 pixels aka 245 cm length and 58 cm high, with 293 degrees of coverage

Karratha Panorama II

As the cyclone heidi is now approaching, we get even more clouds and rain, so I took to the same spot as yesterday to get some new shots, this time, stitched out of 10 images. what interested me was that there always where some pockets of rain, with spots of free blue sky with sun included. it is still uncertain if the cyclone will really hit us, as it slows down, so maybe tomorrow i will take another shot during rain. stay tuned

Karratha Panroama

As I am now living a little more than two month in Karratha, Western Australia, we never had rain, and only solid 35-48 degrees celsius, every day. So finally we got some rain and with it, a lot of clouds. As we have more than enough sun here, the sunset was amazing. I didn’t manage to get out before, so I only got the last 4-5 minutes of this beauty.
Tomorrow, we will be hit by the first cyclone of the year, maybe I then get some new stuff as well, or have enough time to edit a lot of other stuff 🙂

Hearson Cove Panorama

went fishing with the guys, and just took some pictures in the end… it is a beautiful beach, and as we didn’t really catch anything, I at least got this picture, stitched together from 10 pictures.

Fisketorvet in B/W

One of the (dis)advantages of working until 5-7 in the morning is that you see Copenhagen in the early morning… not many people outside, good light, and great architecture…
EDIT: actually changed my mind, and found that colour is better…

Copenhagen sunrise

I was working until 4am in the morning and as I was biking home, you could see the light at the horizon…  I was lucky to have my camera with me as I always wanted to have some shots with that light and that location.. I only had a telezoom with me at the bikebridge near the Firsketovet, so I decided to do some closeups from all the locks they have there…

On the other side of the horizon, it was still dark, but this house reflected the early light just brilliant…