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Savannah Engineers Karratha

A week before I left Karratha, I took some pictures of Savannah Engineers. Great company and people working there!












The Wood Family

The Illingworth Family

had already the pleasure of taking pictures of them 9 month ago, and now, before I leave, annother shooting. Its always great to see children smile so much 🙂

romantic shooting


Had the pleasure of doing a shooting of a couple which wanted to have some romantic and classic shots done…
First time I did such a shoot and turned out nice with the low sun, and the help of the two as well, as they where super easy to work with!

3 generations

Had the pleasure of taking some more shots of amy and her little neveah, this time with amys mother and neveahs grandmother… so 3 generations…







Little girl

Today I had my youngest “model” ever, a sweet and gorgeous little 5 weeks old girl.. who didn’t cry or anything, and behaved just fine.. adroable little baby 🙂



Little Nevaeh

Some new pictures from Hearsons Cove of little Nevaeh who just turned 1 🙂



Little Cohen, take 2

After I had taken some shots more than half a year ago, i returned to the Frnaklin family to take some new shots of little Cohen. Can’t believe how fast he grew 🙂



new toddlers portraits

Had a very spontaneous shooting yesterday with an wonderful family and a little boy, who was as well the star of the day, as he had is first birthday 🙂

Here are some of the shots!

Working as a trades assistant

I currently work as a trades assistant here in Australia. As it is an engineering company, I assist e.g. the boilermakers or welders, or do minor work like grinding, oxy cutting, painting, etc.
We usually do a lot of stuff in our work shed, but sometimes we go on sites, which, at that day, was a ship offfshore which had some huge diving robots to do some work underseas. It needed some work done on deck, but in order to start to work, we had to wait a long time, first for the boat to get us to the main ship, then a long time until the crane driver came up to unload our gear from the transport boat to the ship, then getting permits and inspections done, waiting for the chief engineer and and and… so enough time to do some shots 🙂