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CPH kids fashion fair, day 3

Here are some more pictures of the fair yesterday!

Anders Hald doing a photo shooting for Junior Magazine

2nd day of CPH kids

More expression from the fair, the social night and the photo shooting. As always, you can get more info and additional pictures on the CPH kids blog, HERE

1st day of the cph kids fashion fair

The fair opened today, with the smell of fresh coffee and croissant, lots of good vibes and fashion… for more info, check and their blog,

More CPH kids fashion fair showmovie pictures

The CPH kids fashion fair is opening tomorrow, so here are some more pictures from the showmovie. Come by tomorrow at TAP1 and check out the fair and the entire show movie.


CPH kids fashion fair – showmovie photoshoot

Next month, Copenhagen’s best childrens fashion fair, CPH KIDS, will open its doors for the third time. Again a showmovie is produced to present some of the brands on the fair.

Here are some pictures of the first day.

More pictures are on the CPH kids blog, HERE

Thors Design furniture

I was asked if I could do some quick pictures for a furniture company called Thors Design at the CPH kids fashion fair so they have some presentation pictures.

CPH kids fashion fair August 2010

Pictures from the 2nd editon of the CPH kids fashion fair in TAP1

Kids model shoot for the CPH kids fashion fair 2010

I was doing some shots for the CPH kids fashion fair in August 2010. Here are two of the shots, more will follow.

More infos and pictures here

Kids fashion shops vol 1

I was taking some shots of various shops for kids fashion in Copenhagen for the cphkids fashion fair. More pictures in the cph kids blog soon.

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Copenhagen Kids Fashion Fair

As I’m now an intern at the Tap1 & Tap2 venue & event company, I will cover most of our events during the buildup and the actual event.
Copenhagen Kids Fashion Fair is from February  11th-14th in the Tap2 venue (Carlsberg’s gamle tappehaller)

These are some of the official press release pictures of the fair

For more informations, visit