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My home is my playground – Part II

After I had some individual shots, here now a stitch out of 6 photos from my roof. Please click on the photo for a better view!




My home is my playground

After buying a new tripod and seeing lots of others peoples night shots, I thought it would be a good idea to spend a saturday night being productive and not drinking. And getting access to the roof of my building helped as well ūüôā ¬†Soon more to come, stay tuned













karratha cemetery

After my series from the cemeteries from south hedland, and cossack it was time to take some pictures from karratha.

what still makes me sad is how the cemeteries are run or maintained… no designated walkways, no¬†aligned¬†graves… especially the one in karratha, where you could clearly see that big machinery was moved through the yard, and even rolled over the edge from one grave…

Cossack Cemetery

after my pictures from the south hedland¬†cemetery, I started to take pictures of other cemeteries around the area. The old town of cossack is now more a open air museeum, as there are only old buildings from the 18th hundred when settlers came to this area of australia for pearl fishing and gold mining. The cemetery is divided in two for one european section and a japanese section. the last grave is almost 70 years old, so it is interesting what time and nature does to such places…

playing in the sand…

the picture was taken a while ago in port headland. some guys came with a motorcycle and some gasoline driven small racecars and where casing each other at the beach….


South Hedland Cemetery

When I walked around Perth 2 weeks ago, I saw an very old, but sadly closed, cemetery near the center of the city. The contrast between “green” european cemeteries and desert like cemeteries in australia fascinated me. During my work, I drove past the south hedland cemetery many times during the day, because it is right at the highway. From the far, it just seems deserted and torn down, but when I visited it today, I saw that it is still beeing used as an active cemetery, as some of the graves where only 1/2 years old. Nevertheless, the huge contrast between the park like cemeteries in europe, where people go in just for a walk, and the lonely little & desert like cemetery in an australian working town hit me quite hard.

more perth

Hong Kong airport

I had 8 hours overlay at hong kong int airport, and i must say that it is one of the nicest airport i have ever been too! totally relaxed and nice athmosphere

Soviet WW2 memorial in Berlin