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Krafty Kuts @ All Seasons Karratha

Annother good DJ evening party at the all seasons! as always,good vibes, great crowd and some awesome music!



enjoy your sunday….

Cossack Cemetery

after my pictures from the south hedland cemetery, I started to take pictures of other cemeteries around the area. The old town of cossack is now more a open air museeum, as there are only old buildings from the 18th hundred when settlers came to this area of australia for pearl fishing and gold mining. The cemetery is divided in two for one european section and a japanese section. the last grave is almost 70 years old, so it is interesting what time and nature does to such places…

playing in the sand…

the picture was taken a while ago in port headland. some guys came with a motorcycle and some gasoline driven small racecars and where casing each other at the beach….