Karratha Panroama

As I am now living a little more than two month in Karratha, Western Australia, we never had rain, and only solid 35-48 degrees celsius, every day. So finally we got some rain and with it, a lot of clouds. As we have more than enough sun here, the sunset was amazing. I didn’t manage to get out before, so I only got the last 4-5 minutes of this beauty.
Tomorrow, we will be hit by the first cyclone of the year, maybe I then get some new stuff as well, or have enough time to edit a lot of other stuff 🙂


About Michael Hornbogen

London based freelance photographer. For all inquiries please write to hello@michaelhornbogen.com or visit www.michaelhornbogen.com

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  1. Hi, I was just looking up Cyclones for your area and came upon your site. My son is working at Karatha and just rang to say they worked all night (he is night shift) on tying down everything for the first storm. Have fun and enjoy the rain Hmmm. They are taking it very seriously; which is really good to hear. I Like your photos !!!

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