Monthly Archives: December 2011

distorted beach

ND shot

bought some neutral density filters a week ago, here is a first shot, more to come soon
ND filters are used to darken areas or the whole picture, and make long time exposures better, thats why e.g. the water is nicely blurred

merry christmas

With ruffly 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, my personal christmas feeling isnt thaaaat huge this time, but it is an opportunity to take some unusual christmas pictures ūüôā
I just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas, and thank all of you for supporting my pictures and keep me going all the time!

sunday jumping….

more pictures the next days… have a great 4th advent

Taking the bus to the outback…

As I worked for 2 weeks in Port Hedland, Australia, I drove 250 km from Karratha on a single road towards Port Hedland.. The road has only 2 crossings, the rest is straight forward through the outback.. what stunned me, was that I suddenly saw the wreck of an old english double decker bus standing in the middle of nowhere… literally…!
I don’t know how or why he got there, but it was quite an experience…

K√łbenhavns Serveringsteater

My friend Talin, who is as well the owner of event kompagniet and a part of K√łbenhavns Serveringsteater asked me I could take some quick pictures of her and her crew, so I had some crazy waiters at the studio in copenhagen right before I left towards Australia.
Watch out for their homepage, coming soon.