Monthly Archives: November 2011

South Hedland Cemetery

When I walked around Perth 2 weeks ago, I saw an very old, but sadly closed, cemetery near the center of the city. The contrast between “green” european cemeteries and desert like cemeteries in australia fascinated me. During my work, I drove past the south hedland cemetery many times during the day, because it is right at the highway. From the far, it just seems deserted and torn down, but when I visited it today, I saw that it is still beeing used as an active cemetery, as some of the graves where only 1/2 years old. Nevertheless, the huge contrast between the park like cemeteries in europe, where people go in just for a walk, and the lonely little & desert like cemetery in an australian working town hit me quite hard.

Fishing, aussistyle

As it already gets pitch black at 7 pm in western australia, we were driving around port hedland to have a look at the big port, which apparently is the biggest one in western australia. We couldnt even get close, of course, but when we came to a pier on the other side, there where some guys fishing.. the difference between low and high tide is 8 meters, and due to the super heavy cargo ships, the water is up to 100m deep at that spot. So a lot of local people are fishing there in the evening, getting up to 30kg fishes out of the sea. While we where there and watching the guys, the pulled out a 1m shark and a huge stingray. both were thrown in the water again as they are protected. The local guys where quite fun, as we got to know the “real” australians 🙂
here are some impressions of the night and what some of them do with their small bait fish…

mairee pool

during my first weekend at work in australia, we drove with all the coworkers towards a waterhole called mariee pool… its a nice place with some robes to swing into the water, chill and having a beer… even though it means that you have to get up at 8-9 am on a sunday to be there in good time bfore the mid-day heat… but its worth it!