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more perth


old and new….

Perth under the commonwealth summit

During my first days in perth and australia in general, I was in the city at the same weekend as the commonwealth summit here in the city, where the queen of england and prince phillip where too. At saturday, the queen attended a “public” barbecue so we went there to have a look at the scenery.  Most of the inner city was totally blocked for cars and hundreds of fences made it difficult to know where to go. In the end, we only saw her car, but nevertheless it was good to take some pictures from a city under lockdown..


new ink!

My good friend Sarah got some more ink for her new tattoo… as its gonna be really big, it has to be in a series of 3 hour sessions. So when i was in Hamburg, i quickly stopped by to take a few shots of the progress. looking forward to see the final result in a few weeks 🙂





Hong Kong airport

I had 8 hours overlay at hong kong int airport, and i must say that it is one of the nicest airport i have ever been too! totally relaxed and nice athmosphere

Soviet WW2 memorial in Berlin

Back to the roots….

… in this case my old room, now my partens living room. I def missed the view out of my window during sunset and all the water…
more to follow soon