Copenhagen moments

Even before I did the pictures from Fisketorvet, I took some other pictures on another day where i was working late. I took them earlier, so thats why there was no “golden sunrise”, but more blue light instead.

if you like theese pictures from copenhagen, you might as well wanna look at some of the day before ( )



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  1. Wow… those blues are so vivid and striking — stunning captures! 🙂

  2. Lovely photos, I love the way the shades of blue mesh in the first one.
    Great post! (:

  3. So blue… cool! Wonderful pictures 🙂

  4. 50 States Design Project

    The way you portray Copenhagen feels like a branding exercise. Very cool.

  5. Those are very impressive. Beautiful work.

  6. Love the portrait-orientated shots. Great work.

  7. These are areas of the city that I’ve never thought of as especially photogenic, but you have captured their good side with these. I’m impressed!

  8. I never got to explore this area – I was always in CPH or Norrebro. Looks very haunting in a modern sense.

  9. Martin Montpellier

    Copenhagen. It looks cold like an iceberg.

  10. There is a lot of concrete.

  11. I see what you mean by blue. They’re beautiful. The shock of the green is quite startling and sci fi looking. Many thanks for sharing, very enjoyable

  12. This is really cool great job

  13. They convey such a feeling of size and importance, but the are also very calm and balanced.

  14. How interesting that all your shots have a blue overcast. ‘Just like the color of the Royal Copenhagen porcelains.


  15. Aww Copenhagen is soooooo beautiful! I bet it’s an amazing place to take a girl!

  16. Great photos. Also, I love it when an architect is free to create. I’m sure it’s more expensive, but you get so much more too.

  17. even their everyday buildings and structures look stunning 🙂

  18. Isabeau D'anjou 1981

    Just stunning… I have just found your blog (“thanks to freshly pressed”) and had a quick peek at some of your other pictures. i love the way you frame up images and the way you capture light

  19. Julio Eiffelt R R

    Great photos.

  20. That’s a very beautiful place.. and the pictures are breathtaking..:-D

  21. The pictures are amazing
    -Nick Braiman

  22. very refreshing indeed, calms and relaxes my spirit

    Great pix


  23. There is a mystic dimension in these pictures in shades of blue (dominantly) and green.

  24. Very nice! I like the cool blue feeling, and the emptiness – it’s very restful.

  25. i like the other areas in copenhagen which are not shown in your pix, lol

  26. There’s something very still and poignant about your photos.

  27. The first picture is my favorite.

  28. A different survey on your town, I like it.

  29. So pretty! I’m going to Copenhagen end of this year/start of next year 🙂

  30. blue is ok! 🙂 especially in this kind of “physical” photos.

  31. Great foto. So beautiful. I remember the beauty picture in bing search engine

  32. I really love your pictures.. and just wanna say congratulations for having your post on display at the freshly pressed.. 🙂 keep it up!

  33. Nice photos! The blue worked out well!

  34. Wow. Love the harmony and symmetry in all these. the first pic- there is actually a business park in West london that looks exactly like this! uncanny! And a bit creepy! lol

  35. blue blue blue! thanks a ton for sharing! congratulations for being on freshly pressed! 🙂

  36. Beautiful snaps!! 🙂

  37. awesome .great pictures .typical nowhere’s place.
    Hot of Cold.

  38. I like the first picture with the blue architecture 🙂

  39. They’re so lovely. I love blue! 🙂

  40. I love the blue.

  41. Very modern architechure is not my favorite kind of structures, but I must admit, these pictures are very good. Alluring even. Great job.

  42. Beautiful photos.

  43. stunning photos… great landscape!

  44. I like both sets of pictures (the blue light, and the day before). In both, the linearity of the buildings stand out, as well as the surrounding textures. Lovely!

  45. Coul you please give me the direct link from where I can purchase a print of your collection !

  46. My Mom’s side of the family is from Denmark. Lovely to see photos that aren’t just touristy shots. Good Stuff!

  47. I had no idea copenhagen looked so modern. In my head I pictured the whole city just built in the theme of Hans Christian Anderson stories. :-p Great pics!

  48. only one word comes into my mind to describe these awesome pic ……….WOW

  49. Love the last shot especially…..a building that many people would probably just walk by…you’ve pulled out the beauty in the beast…

  50. Great Blog i come again to your blog …..:)

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