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Young @ Vega

Young was one of the support acts for Mac Miller @ Vega, copenhagen. Young has a great song out right now “fuck med mig nu” and is hopefully becoming one of denmarks new good rappers!

Mac Miller concert @ Vega

I first got to know about Mac Miller when I saw the add for the concert on vega’s homepage, but from that moment on, I was stoked on that kid! Only 19 years old, he def has the chance to become the “new eminem” (although I miss more deep lyrics/conscious rap from him yet.)
It was a really great show, he def knows what he is doing! the only thing that got my attention was the young age of the crowd (15-20), as I am more used to an more grown up audience for rap concerts. Never the less, it was a great evening!
The good fellas from gave me the opportunity to take pictures, so here they are

Copenhagen moments

Even before I did the pictures from Fisketorvet, I took some other pictures on another day where i was working late. I took them earlier, so thats why there was no “golden sunrise”, but more blue light instead.

if you like theese pictures from copenhagen, you might as well wanna look at some of the day before ( )


Fisketorvet in B/W

One of the (dis)advantages of working until 5-7 in the morning is that you see Copenhagen in the early morning… not many people outside, good light, and great architecture…
EDIT: actually changed my mind, and found that colour is better…