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Big Boi @ Splash! festival

ONYX @ splash! festival



was awesome to see the ledgends live at the splash! festival!

Samy Deluxe @ Splash! festival

featured on the official splash! festival homepage

As I always only put a small selection of one concert pictures online, the splash! festival got a broader selection and published them all on their homepage.
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see you next year again!



Aloe Blacc @ splash! festival

Casper @ splash! festival

Orsons @ Splash! festival

Well… What would the splash! festival be… without rain! 🙂
We had some good weather, and some bad that weekend, but luckily, we had more sun than rain. And if we had rain, it was heavy, but quickly gone again, as you can see in the following pictures of the “Die Orsons” show.

Fard @ Splash! festival

Public Enemy @ Splash! festival

You can call flavour flav a weird guy because of his TV shows, but with his group Public enemy, they are rap-ledgends!

Dendemann @ Splash! Festival