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Fashawn @ Heat – Rust

Was asked by if I could cover the fashawn concert at rust

Didn´t know the guy before, but when I heard some youtube videos, I was looking forward to the show.

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Beeing at the dentist…

Well, most of us know the drill… Dentist time… I need two tooth crowns, which require some sessions at my dentist in Germany… I had my cam with me to shoot something on the way to the dentist, but when i had it inside the room and the dentist had to catch something before we started, I took my chance to take some shots! (and my dentist is a pretty nice guy, so it was ok to take some shots, especially as i had to be there two hours…)


was on another photoshoot saturday during the day, and first came to søminen after they occupied it, but was surprised how nice it was down there.. hope it stays that way! For all the non danes: Søminen is an old naval mine depot which stands empty near christiania since more than 3 years. Some people now started a big facebook campain in order to peacefully occupy it in order to make a  kind of mini christiania out of it. The police did not interfear, as there where way too many people down there… In a few hours, people  build bars, stairs and all kind of stuff there! hoipe it will last long!

L.O.C. concert @ KB Hallen

I was asked to cover the LOC concert at KB Hallen yesterday
Sadly, livenation didn’t even ask the support bands if they do want pictures, so we didn’t even get the chance to take pictures there… anyways, it was a good concert, nice to see him finally life!

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Helsinki celebrations

I was in Helsinki, Finnland to visit some  very good friends there. I only booked the flights 4 days in advance so it was really spontaneous. What I didn’t really notice, was the fact that there was Icehockey World Championship right at that time… As both Germany and Denmark are rather focussing about soccer than icehockey, I soon found out, that icehockey is more than just nr 1 national sport in Finnland. Sunday was my last night before my flight back to Copenhagen, and I had an outstanding cool weekend so far… But as then Finnland won over they arch enemy Sweeden, and first Championship since 16 years (did write 11 before, sorry! 🙂 ), the entire town of Helsinki was out of control… We soon headed down to the city centre and I managed to get a few shots of the celebrating people there…

So thanks for an incredible weekend guys!

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Copenhagen sunrise

I was working until 4am in the morning and as I was biking home, you could see the light at the horizon…  I was lucky to have my camera with me as I always wanted to have some shots with that light and that location.. I only had a telezoom with me at the bikebridge near the Firsketovet, so I decided to do some closeups from all the locks they have there…

On the other side of the horizon, it was still dark, but this house reflected the early light just brilliant…

Raphel Saadiq and Quadron

After watching Aloe Blacc in Vega as a guest two weeks or so in Copenhagen, I really would have loved to capture that concert because of its vibes and good light (normally, many rap/hiphop concerts have on static red light which is not! good on photots) After I knew that Raphel Saadiq would play in Vega, I ask the good fellas from if they need some pictures.

This concert was even better than the Aloe Blacc, more real and close in a way. Quadron started the show as support with really good soul music and an awesome voice. Afterwards, the man himself entered the stage and did a really long show, with soul, funk, jazz and just good vibes!

Following some pictures of the show… If you want all the pictures, check HERE