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In the studio with Kenneth

My friend and great photographer Kenneth Nguyen was in a studio today for shooting his “douche” series and said I could stop by to get some knowledge about light settings….
So I took the nice offer and stopped by and took the chance to take some pictures of him as well : )

Kenneth at work

And last but not least, Kenneth, doing what he can best : )

Laura in Copenhagen

One of my very best friends, Laura, came to visit Copenhagen from Germany for almost one week. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was just awesome to have her here.

When you show somebody around in Copenhagen, a canal tour is a must… The sun was shining, but it was still somewhat cold in the wind


Further, we passed by the royal yacht, which apparently is the oldest operating royal yacht/boat in the world

One of the other days we made a trip to Helsingborg, Sweeden

I know that there are currently a lot of ppl who are annoyed by all the work inside the shopping area in Copenhagen… Well, don’t go to Helsingborg then : )

We had to go to the beach and take a walk there… and it was warm enough to walk barefoot

Later on, we decided to extend the sweden trip all the way to Göteborg, which was nice to walk around. One of our last stops was a smaller church in the city centre…

All in all it was an awesome week, come back soon Laura

If you don’t want to leave the house, create a studio at home…

I was doing a lot of computerstuff today, with both windows open, sun in my room, music and a happy face on. So I wanted to do some shots, but would have needed a little studio in some kind… So I just took a cheese grinder, a flower from downstairs, some white paper sheets I had stored for exactly this reason, and the “studio” was ready

Here the shot afterwards

In addition, I bought an antique dia projector on the flee market… I still has to be renovated and cleaned up, but still has its charme. So I took the shot as I already had the setup…

Murs concert @ Loppen, CPH

Murs, who says “I’m better than your favorite rapper” def kept his promise and did an awesome show. The location was pretty small, but that made the concert even more intimate, and Murs performed longer and better than i expected and remembered. I saw him last time in Oakland, California 4 years ago in a small park performing infront of maybe 50 people, and since then I love his music.
So I was more than happy to cover his concert for

Mike Raw as support act

See the rest of the pictures at the homepage, HERE

Jakobs bday

My friend, and great artist, Jakob celebrated his birthday with a lot of friends in a park in the centre of Copenhagen last saturday. It was warm, almost felt like summer, with a lot of nice people, sun and beer 🙂 So happy birthday again!


Rest of the pictures, HERE

SupaJan @ Why Not, RUST

My friend and rapper SupaJan presented his new album “Det nye sort” at RUST on wedensday. Nice show, good music, happy people!

Copenhagen Ink Festival @ TAP1

Here are some impressions from the Copenhagen Ink Festival at TAP1 . Was a great festival, with a lot of different guests, awesome artists and lots of ink..


The Lizzard Man performance at the Copenhagen Ink Festival @ TAP1

This weekend, TAP1 hosted the Copenahgen Ink Festival.. A lot of interessting people, tattoos and other things… Among other shows, the “lizzard man” performed as well… He’s from America, and has basically his entire body tattooed like a lizzard, including sharp teeth and co.


He started his show by hammering stuff into his nose 🙂



After this, it got a “bit” more extreme, when he used a giant cork screwer…



After this, he showed the audience, that you can actually blow a condom up by sticking it waaaay down in your throat and then out of the nose..


It was a freakshow, no doubt about that… But he is a great performer and knows what he’s doing, as he actually teaches philosophy back home in the states, and planned the entire lizzard thing 13 years ago as an art project…. So in an way, he’s just a normal and relaxed guy…



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