Copenhagen, I missed you!

After what seemed a really long time, I came back to Copenhagen yesterday… Back from nice sunny springweather in Berlin into drizzeling, not sunny, typical CPH weather 🙂
Even though I wasn’t in the mood in the start, I biked half an hour into Nørrebro to have a good coffee at the Laundromat Cafe, where my friend, and awesome photographer, Kenneth, helped out/worked today.

Editing the pictures from the previous post, another friend, Tommi, joined and we two later went out into the “nice” weather to take some random shots… def missed those spontaneous trips with good friends and some cameras!

“Music inside the backyard is not allowed”


We then went into a small church, where we were greeted the second we stepped inside by the priest who explained us a lot about the entire church, before we could do some shots

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London based freelance photographer. For all inquiries please write to or visit

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  1. Awesome Mike! As soon as I get time, we all should go on a trip around the dark corners of Cph!

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