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Snapshots in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Woke up quite late today, but with beautiful weather and sunshine into my room. So it was clear that I had to get outside. My friend Tommi had the same idea, so we took the cameras and walked around in Nørrebro. We basically did not much pictures and rather sat in the sun, talking and meeting & chatting with people we knew on the street. Seems like spring finally hit copenhagen!


View out of my window

Cola, beer and cigarets, people enjoy the sun



Fun thing in Nørrebro, you always meet some people you know!

Tommi stood at the sidewalk constantly looking for some ppl to take pictures of

And of course, bikes everywhere!

Brand Manager Meeting

I was asked from the lovely girls from Kiwibirds, if I could do some shots for one of their events. The customer wants to be private so its only a few shots from the setup.

Robyn Concert @ TAP1

Photoshoot with Maria

My friend Maria got some new ink on her back and wanted to have some pictures of it. And a big flat always has nice photo possibilities. So we did some ink shots and some profile as well.

Kitesurfing season is started

Its still cold, its still almost winter, but the sun is out, and so is the wind… in connection with water, it makes the perfect combination for a good kitesurfing day! Wasn’t out for almost 8 month and it was first time at Amager Strandpark, but it was def nice, even though it was cold, and, ehm, cold 🙂 After I was out, I took some shots of the other kiters, as it was quite busy with ppl at the spot


Sometimes, you fligh high, and fall deep


Wetsuit is not warm enough, it needs a normal jacket 🙂


Almost looks like summertime!

Copenhagen, I missed you!

After what seemed a really long time, I came back to Copenhagen yesterday… Back from nice sunny springweather in Berlin into drizzeling, not sunny, typical CPH weather 🙂
Even though I wasn’t in the mood in the start, I biked half an hour into Nørrebro to have a good coffee at the Laundromat Cafe, where my friend, and awesome photographer, Kenneth, helped out/worked today.

Editing the pictures from the previous post, another friend, Tommi, joined and we two later went out into the “nice” weather to take some random shots… def missed those spontaneous trips with good friends and some cameras!

“Music inside the backyard is not allowed”


We then went into a small church, where we were greeted the second we stepped inside by the priest who explained us a lot about the entire church, before we could do some shots

chilling with the family

Last weekend, I visited my lovely cousin and her boyfriend in Berlin. They not only have a huge old flat in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, but the amazing spring wheater/sun made this morning a one of a kind… They where both busy in the start with work, so I just walked around in the flat and taking some pictures

Chilling at the beach

Nice walk at the beach, sunny day, good weather, relaxation to the fullest