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Sage Francis & B.Dolan @ Lille Vega

I was asked if I could cover the concert and just heard the name before but didn’t really know the music at all… Just knew it was some kind of hiphop music, so I was in for that…
The first thing I noticed was that there was no DJ at all, which is def unusual for a hiphop concert… It seemed that this was not the only out of the ordinary thing in the show, basically it was one of the weirdest but as well best small show I’ve been too…

B.Dolan did some great raps, had unusual sunglasses, and a lot of bars without any music.  Sage Francis came on stage without shoes, just his socks, using the entire stage as a kind of personal playground and dancing stage… His music was great and some of the audience were heavily touched by the lyrics… As 2010 is his last year of performing, he spend a lot of time after the show with the fans, signing autographs and talking to them.

More pictures at:

Fashion show at DesignAkademiet

I went to the annual fashion show of the DesignAkademiet with a friend of mine as she is starting there now. As I had my camera with me, I did a few shots from the side of the catwalk. The pictures are a little old, maybe 2 month, but didn’t have time to do them until now.

SupaJan Videoshoot

SupaJan asked me if I don’t wanna hang out and do a few pictures while he’s taking some scenes for his new video.  So we all met at the Dakota club on a sunday afternoon… Fans, crew, friends and just ppl from the streets 🙂
It was my first time on a set of a video shooting so I got a lot of new experience and impressions of this kind of work. And as I like his music, it was a pleasure to be there, and I’m def wondering how the finished clip is gonna be like!

Whisky messen @ TAP1

The anual whisky fair was held at TAP1 this year… many people, a lot of good whisky and some good pictures.

Blumentopf @ splash! festival 2010

Samy Deluxe @ splash! festival 2010

Missy Elliot @ splash! festival 2010

One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, she def rocked!

Masta Ace & Edo G @ splash! festival 2010