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RSCS 2010

A nice day with lots of skating / jumping / grinding in Copenhagen…

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Grillaction in Fælledparken

Lasse invited a bunch of people for a “rundbold” & grill late afternoon in fælledparken last week… fun people, nice games, lots of runnig, drinking, running, grilling, taking pictures, running, drinking and having fun 🙂

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Kids fashion shops vol 1

I was taking some shots of various shops for kids fashion in Copenhagen for the cphkids fashion fair. More pictures in the cph kids blog soon.

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Clipse i Pumpehuset

After a long day at work, I spontaneously took to pumpehuset with some friends to shoot some pictures of 4fod and clipse that night, was good to be at a concert again 🙂

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New HDR stuff

On my way home from the soundvenue at the dansehallen early in the morning, I just stopped as I saw the sun coming up and took some shots to try out some more HDR..
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Youngstars photoshoot

For the #7 issue of DUBCNN Magazine, I was asked if I could shoot some pictures for the interview with Youngstars and about their show SWAG TALK on pirat tv…

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