MMA Pro-fighter, Nicolas ‘Sharpshooter’ Dalby

As I already wrote in the other post, Nicolas invited another common friend of ours and me to cover his second MMA (mixed martial arts) pro fight against Jaroslav Poborský, who already fought 42 fights before this one, so it was fight nr 2 against fight nr 44

As this was the first time ever for me to be at such an event, I was really interested to get all informations about how such a fight works…

At the very start, each fighter needs to be checked by a doctor who is at the ring during all fights.

After the check-up, and shortly before the fight, Nicolas starts to prepare both physical and mentally… At this stage, he asked us not to ask him any questions anymore, as he fully needs to focus his mind… Later on, his coach tells us, that Nicolas is one of the only person who’s personally he is a bit scared of when he is in his ‘fightmode’…

Like in boxing and all other big fightsports, each fighters entry into the hall is celebrated with sound, smoke and lights to get the crowd and the fighters prepared for the fight.

Nicolas enters the ring and shortly after, the fight begins, while both fighters try to look as dominant as possible…

Nobody expected an easy fight, and in the first round, Nicolas had to take some serious punches…

But being said that Nicolas can get a angry personality inside a ring, the punches must have triggered something because at the second and third round of the fight, it was him, who delivered the punches…

Mr Sharpshooter himself in action

As there was no K.O. during the 3 rounds, the jury had to decide, and voted 3-0 for Nicolas.

As I already wrote in the first post about the Fightergalla, I was most impressed about how all the fighters could switch their whole personality into ‘fighting’, look mean and beat the crap out of each other, but then, at the second the fight is over, give each other a hug, respect and a smile as if they buddies who just needed to know who’s better…

The same applied to Nicolas and his contestant:

So in the end, Nicolas not only got a trophy, but as well a small motivation from his dad

It was def an experience for me to be at a MMA fight, and I am thankful to be able to shot these shots & hope to see further pro fights of Nicolas ‘Sharpshooter’ Dalby


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