Fightergalla 13

As a friend of mine, Nicolas Dalby, just started to go pro on MMA (Mixed martial arts) fights, he asked another friend an me if we want to come to his second pro fight and shoots some pictures…  It was my first time ever to be on such an event and had only seen a few fights on tv some time ago, so I was pretty excited about it…

It was impressive to see how the fighters looked angry towards each other at the start of the fight, and you could feel how focused they were, just locked down on their target… But this ‘anger’ disappeared at the second the fight was over, and went into joy and respect for another…

Here are some shots of various fights…

However, be advised that some of the following picture content violence & blood….


About Michael Hornbogen

London based freelance photographer. For all inquiries please write to or visit

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  1. hello! good pics 🙂 hope to see some more pics, if u can. can´t you send me the pics to my email?


  2. Hi! I aggree, very nice pictures. I would be glad if you could upload some more, or send it to me by e-mail!

    Best regards, Max Hederström

  3. Martin Ansdal

    Hey, can you send the pictures you took of my fight and subsequent stiching of my eyebrow to my email?

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